Starting a brewery isn’t all beers and burgers

Just like any business, the startup phase of a brewery isn’t easy. Small businesses face plenty of challenges in their first few years of operation and craft breweries are no different. During this new and exciting phase, it’s important to consult a qualified accountant who understands your business venture. As the name suggests, here at Beer CPA, we specialize in accounting, tax and payroll for craft breweries. Our team have been working with breweries for years and have the experience and understanding to help you launch your business well.


Starting your own or purchasing an existing craft brewery can be a minefield. We’ve worked with plenty of craft breweries and have seen firsthand that it’s not as easy as it seems to get up and running. But if you’ve got the right mix of passion, dedication and commitment, our team can make the process simpler.


It’s common knowledge that breweries have to comply with a significant amount of legal and regulatory requirements in order to start and continue operating. There’s structuring, licensing, permit, labeling and reporting requirements as well as tax and regulatory details to take into consideration. For most small business owners, this creates stress and confusion. At Beer CPA, we can guide you through this process, because we’ve seen it all before. We’ve got the expertise you need to make complying with Federal, State and Local government requirements easy. We also stay up to date with all legal and regulatory changes so you don’t have to worry.


Breweries also have complex tax requirements which add an extra layer of difficulty to running your business. However, Beer CPA are specialists in tax and accounting for breweries in the USA. That means we’ve got the experience, knowledge and expertise to ensure even the most difficult tax situations are dealt with. Well make sure your brewery is compliant will all relevant tax requirements including Federal, State, Sales and TTB taxes. On top of this, we can help microbreweries and brewpubs access vital tax savings like FICA
Tip Credit, Domestic Production Activity Deduction, and Research and Development Credits.

Capital, Cashflow and Inventory

Breweries have a raft of unique challenges and opportunities that aren’t always shared with other small businesses, which is why so many breweries choose Beer CPA. We understand what you’re going through on a daily basis and have the practical know-how to help you get started on the right track. We know breweries are highly capital intensive with significant upfront costs for purchases like appropriate buildings, specialized equipment and durable flooring. On top of this, business owners often struggle with inventory management and distribution as well as cashflow and staff. The team at Beer CPA work exclusively with craft breweries so we can help you negotiate all these challenges with ease.

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