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How Insightful Reporting Helped Two Breweries Reduce Pour Costs And Maximize Revenue

Reduce Pour Costs And Maximize Revenue In Your Brewery Or Taproom

In a case study cited on Craft Brewing Business, they have explained how reports can
help reduce pour costs while maximizing revenue.

Insightful, accessible data is the key for brewery teams to improve beer quality, streamline efficiencies, and reduce waste, ultimately empowering front-of-house teams to take ownership of the guest experience and increase the yield of each keg poured over the taproom bar. There are two types of reporting that are most beneficial to improving taproom guest experiences: draft beer quality and point-of-service data.

Brewery teams equipped with real-time reporting of key draft quality metrics, like pressure, temperature, and line cleanliness, can consult the data to identify process improvements that not only ensure every beer served is delicious and consistent, but that less beer is lost moving from inventory to glass. Paired with point-of-service data, which shows management teams high-level sales trends and down-to-the-ounce transaction information, reports showing key quality metrics can improve efficiency and help brewery teams make informed decisions that enhance the guest experience and maximize revenue.

Reliable reporting helps reduce pour cost by 5% in 30 Days

Making consistently tasty beer helps maintain a positive brand identity, driving traffic and boosting revenue. To optimize consistency and quality in every glass poured, breweries can look at two main causes of inconsistencies: quality metrics and human error.

If the data shows that a beer’s inventory level does not align with the expected sales revenue, brewery teams can dive deeper into the reporting to find there might be a temperature issue causing beer to foam or a bartender may be using the wrong glassware for a certain style.

“We are a low staff, family-run business,” said Austin John, owner of Apocalypse Ale Works. By investigating the data of taproom operations in an intentional way, “we improved our draft beer quality and pinpointed a carbonation issue that was causing our beer to pour flat without optimal head.”

Since Apocalypse Ale Works implemented the recently announced integration from inventory management and data technology company BarTrack and Arryved, a leading point-of-service (POS) provider for craft food and beverage establishments, the brewery has been able to identify issues causing waste and worked with the consultancy teams to address them.

Apocalypse has reduced its pour cost from 12.8 to 7.5 percent, a 5 percent total deduction, after only three months of using the BarTrack and Arryved reporting tools in tandem.

“If I were to suggest to a fellow brewery the business tools they should invest in, Arryved and BarTrack would be the two most major investments for front-of-house solutions. They are a game-changer when it comes to the success of the draft beer program and overall visibility into business operations,” Austin said.

Reducing costs and increasing keg yield by 97%

Draft beverages are a precious cost for breweries, and minimizing waste is at the top of every owner’s to-do list. By implementing reporting tools that identify where, where, and why waste is happening, breweries can prevent it going forward and ultimately reduce those pour costs.

Colorado’s Grist Brewing Co. also reported an increased pour efficiency, the total yield of every keg, from 54.6 to 85 percent in the span of three weeks using the integrated BarTrack and Arryved solution. By viewing the data and making educated decisions that positively impacted both beverage quality and the guest experience, the brewery’s average pour cost dropped from 12.8 to 7.6 percent, equating to $6,359 of lost potential revenue to $1,392 and an average of $20,000 in savings per month.

“In a short period of time we have dramatically reduced our pour costs through identifying principal causes of waste and creating a specific plan to successfully remedy those causes,” said Chuck Norman, Grist Brewing owner. “We would highly recommend all breweries use the BarTrack system. It’s a guaranteed return on investment.”

Attribution: Article Retrieved from Craft Brewing Business, By Brett Danielson. .

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