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A non-caustic beer line cleaning chemical

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In response to the rising number of incidents where customers have unknowingly ingested caustic beer line cleaning chemicals, National Chemicals, Inc. has released its latest innovation of caustic-free beverage line cleaning solution, Vantage Duo.

“Historically, bar and restaurant operators had to accept the use of dangerous, caustic chemicals to clean beer lines. Vantage Duo provides every bar and restaurant the opportunity to take control of their beverage dispense liability while keeping their existing cleaning technician,” said Murl Landman, President and CEO of National Chemicals, Inc.

National Chemicals, Inc., family-owned and operated for nearly 80 years, specializes in the manufacturing of cleaning products and provides packaging expertise for third-party cleaning brands across North America. Vantage Duo is specifically designed for bar and restaurant operators to limit their liability by directly controlling the cleaning chemistry used on their beverage systems. It is a safe, biodegradable formula that boasts a triple zero health and safety rating while delivering results that rival or surpass the caustic chemicals traditionally used.

“Some operators are still unaware that even minor mishandling of caustic chemicals can result in severe injury if accidentally ingested. Ulceration of the mouth, throat and esophagus, as well as loss of taste or smell, are common long-term injuries associated with ingestion of caustic chemicals,” Landman continued.

Accidents happen due to human error, and that cannot be eliminated entirely. However, bars and restaurants can now empower themselves by choosing Vantage Due to dramatically reduce consequences of ingestion without compromising cleaning quality.

Landman, whose family has worked alongside bars and restaurants for nearly a century, sees Vantage Duo as a measure that restaurants should swiftly adopt to protect the consuming public, reduce liability, and avoid negative publicity associated with client injuries.

Attribution: Article Retrieved from Craft Brewing Business, written By Pretty Much a Press Release .

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